Kettle Camp Studios is a video production club at Loyola Chicago that functions mimicking a real production company. Every semester, a new web series is produced and students can be involved in every part of the production pipeline, from writing all the way down to post. I served for myriad semesters as the head of production as well as the producer on the 5 episode series "Backstage". Below is a selection of my work from the club and other videography projects from college. 
I directed and edited episode II of "Backstage", as well as having created the short animation for the title card!
I was co-director and director of photography of episode 5 of "Backstage". I also assisted in color correction.
I was a sound mixer and boom operator in "Murder at Malintine Hall". We used a combination of wireless lavs and booming to capture all the audio for the short.
This short isn't from my tenure at Kettle Camp, but rather is a project from a digital production class I was taking the semester Covid hit. We no longer had access to the equipment and technology we were used to from Loyola and had to social distance throughout the shoot (some members of the production team weren't isolating together so we couldn't even be in the same room!), but still managed to produce a fun, campy short film even with all those obstacles. 
I was the director of photography for this project, but also responsible for recording sound because or sound person was no longer in the city after Loyola sent its students home for Covid.
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